Monday, May 9, 2011

Yahoo news reported that the Middle class is still being squeezed

Right out of existence , if their economist is to be believed.

The life that is being envisioned for me is not the life that I planned for myself. I am sure that is true for many other people. I don't see myself on the shores of the Cumberland River , living in a mud hut , hammering together sandals for an overseas company. Its just not in me. I won't do it. But I am alarmed that they are now predicting that the economy won't be fixed till 2018. That is seven months and 2 National elections away,which is unacceptable. I would be about 68 years old . I did the right things , went to college, have a good work record, and moved into an area where ,until recently, I could manage without credit cards and many loans.

 So I have become an advocate for life  modification not deprivation. Deprevation only leads to depression and exhaustion. Have I made cuts in my life? Yes, I cut cable off and took Clearwire as my internet provider. I watch everything on the computer , a day or so later from the networks or choose just those I enjoy and pay Amazon for the episode. It is still less expensive than cable or satellite. The cuts hurt me less than it has those who escalated prices beyond a reasonable cost. Do the math, I might spend $10 per month at Amazon , $24 for Netflix and $52.00 for Clearwire. $86.vs $140 for cable. I am seeing everything that I saw before the cuts. I am actually seeing more than previously seen. I am happy with that. For those with families , there are boxes that will transfer the programming to your tv.

Now let me show you a little trick. I pay Clearwire $52.00 for service per month . Now , what would you think if I told you that I actually pay them $26.00 per month? Here is how. Because I do the paid blog, and spend much time researching and writing, I allocated 50% of my internet bill as a business expense(based on time ) . I am not charging back apartment space , though I could ,based on home office, but IRS is hard on home offices and it is better to underreport. Still this is a savings of an additional $320 per year just for internet. Everything helps. I have to put out the money first but at the end of the year, my Netflix is offset , therefore free. I have $2 left and can have 6 bags of dollar store popcorn (Microwave popcorn) , or chocolate ice cream and (thawed ) frozen strawberries (see article that follows) per month.

I just submitted my second article for the internet publication , Examiner. Enclosed is the link for the column.:

I had answered an ad on for part time independant contractor work. They say that they pay standard rate - so I figure about a penny a word as that is what I have seen elsewhere. They are very clear that this will not support you . Still , I figured that anything helps ( they pay through paypal and I am happy about that) and it gives me experiance with working with editors That was another thing that I considered to be valuable.

Balance needs and wants. This is your one and only life, and quality counts.

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