Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving Day-20 Days and Counting

In the Bushama Depression , we have all had to make sacrifices. My employers lost a multimillion dollar client for damage claims and I lived without commission (2/3 of my income in better days) for about a year- not pretty. My landlord bore most of my attempts at repayment- but I just could not get over the hump . So we talked yesterday and I am moving in 20 days. I am going back to a extended stay hotel where I lived before moving here. They will allow Maxie (cat.) I am not taking storage this time- but my friend Lori says I can store some things with her. I am giving away furniture to friends and Salvation Army. I am leaving nothing for the skanks who reside in the complex who dumpster dive- they are part of the reason that I am moving, why I did not fight harder.  Some of them broke into the machines in our laundry room and stole the coin boxes and the Coke machine. Two weeks later , the laundry room is not restored. I have worn damp clothes to work 2x not knowing that it was not fixed. I told Lori, I would take an axe to the furniture before letting anyone here have it. Now what to decide to take. My computer, of course, they provide cable , electricity, free phone service- local and ld . I have lived here 6 1/2 years and the neighborhood has declined. Sadly this happens just as I got 2 new clients and the income is picking back up. I will get through this. I have sold a number of books through Amazon . I am taking the rest with me as they may pay additional expenses. It will be crowded - but I will manage - I did before. If the cost of heat goes up as it did last year- I actually break even or do a little better. There is a kitchenette and as I know I will be with them until Spring, I will buy a convection oven and a bread machine to handle the holidays. I am taking 3 small lamps , my desk lamp will go to my office (baby dragon) , clothes, of course. I will continue to write and work on my novels. I will get my credit from anything donated to Salvation Army and get a POB  downtown near my office. Its incredible how the mind works. - I awoke this am planning what to take and what to toss. There is no time for tears but I am planning on buying an incredibly large bottle of Jack Daniels for after the move. I will cry when its over. This part of my life has ended but a small part of me says that it is time and that I wouldn't have done it without this boot in the pants. Perhaps. Bottom line, I will be fine. I wouldnot have it any other way. I donot excuse or forgive Obama- he waited too long, I am a union brat and the first 500 items on my agenda are US jobs at a living wage. Minimum wage jobs do not count.

In this apartment, I have survived 4 changes of management, some good, some obnoxious. My first cat in TN moved in with me and died 14 months ago at about 13 years old. I made a new friend in my new cat , Maxie a year ago and she will continue the adventure with me. I have had a lovely young woman with a wonderful baby overhead and had her move, 2 great guards , Dave and Mike from Riverbend prison give me unending source of amusement in their pursuit of females. I have had the bad, the corporate construction folks who rotated and didn't care and then there was Psychobitch- a generational family of white trash hookers who hung out with drug dealing gangbangers. They threatened my life before they left. I know that they did not know the meaning of quiet and sincerely doubt their ability to spell it. I lived my life. I have been surrounded by interesting characters.

Its not all bad , and this I have shred a few tears about. Much as there is a sound business decision to go by both my landlord and I - and I would rent from them again if they would have me but not here.
I cannot do the stairs ( all 6 of them ) as I did when I moved in . I was in a terrible car wreck 30 plus years ago as a passenger, and arthritis has caught up with me- the hotel has elevators. This is the reminder of my mortality . But I am  reminded that Robert Lewis Stevenson was a cripple, that George Gordon aka Lord Byron had a hunchback , and in such good company, how could I fail? I have maximized what I can do for decades and now the decades are declaring victory - small for now but encrouching. I will continue to fight for my independence and will not go gentle into that good night. This is me raging against the Darkness. As Author/ Producer Kurt Sutter has said- everything has a price. It will be interesting to see what I have purchased with my coin.

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