Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facing Thanksgiving

My new place doesnot come with an oven. So cooking a turkey is out. But my boss always does a dinner for us at work. So I am debating how much I really want to cook and how much I want the day to myself.
So I came up with some plans that will take care of food beyond the holiday. ( I already volunteered to work Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving-I am still paying old bills and I like not being totally broke all of the time. )
Plan A: Buy the dinner package from Urban Market the small one is $29.00, the large one $39 for an extra $10 they will cook it first and I have only to reheat. Pros : I like their food - they cook clean .
Cons: its a little pricier than I want to spend for just me. Only dessert offered is pumpkin pie- which is not a favorite.

Plan B: Be thankful and have my favorites. Not less money ( by much) but I could for almost the same amount get a mixed box of fried chicken (which includes 2 sides and biscuits) from the chicken place down the street the day before the holiday. Pickup extra sides from the BBQ place at the busstop. $12.00 for the chix , $5.00 for the extra sides. Plus $2.00 for Urban Market's Mac and cheese which I love, and a large mixed salad with extra bleu cheese $5.00 Total $24.00 before dessert but I am planning to see Breaking Dawn on Thanksgiving ( New place is 2 blocks from the theater) and Steak and Shake is open. So I could get dessert there after the movie ( I don't do concession stand -its is way over priced) . Pros: I would have more food for 30.00 than for the 39 but probably not as healthy .(con)

Plan C is I could make my lemon rosemary chicken breast on my Foreman. ($3.00), buy the bread and 2 sides from the chicken place $5.59 , 3 extra sides from bbq place $5.00, Mac and cheese and salad from Urban $7.00 and still get my dessert from Steak and Shake. Pro: Healthier than Plan B , more cost effective than Plan A. Total without dessert: $20.00 Con: More clean up and prep.

This is unique this year as I have only been here a month as of Thanksgiving. My kitchen is tiny . With all the hulabaloo over the move , I would like to enjoy the day. My paying job is high stress. I admit to being a workaholic. I am not into the whole family drama thing- I used to get sick as a kid before Thanksgiving from stressing out. I will call the family but that is a short shot ( I live too far away ) , then I have the day to myself.

Its all about choices. Have a happy one.

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