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Consumer Beware- The Good Advice May Not Work For You is a recent article on 15 foods never to buy again. The author did not identify his target audience but my best guess is that is is family oriented. ( This is a very annoying site, I have a good popup blocker and had to refuse to allow on every section of the article.)

There were four suggestions with which I disagree. #9 Salad kits, if I were feeding a family maybe this would not be a good idea but as I only buy them when they are on sale , some times as low as 75 cents to a dollar, for me a single , these can be a good idea. Alternative, buy the salad makings IF you intend to use it up - and if you can get individual portions of dressings, ( Urban Market sells them for 25 cents each pt) - it stops the "I am single and doomed to eat this forever feeling." Usually I buy the green salad mix when on sale as opposed to the kit, add what I want to it and  choose up to $2.00 of dressings from their individual rack. ( Average bottle dressing is 2.50-4.00 ) . I also have used salsa mixed with a little mayo as a dressing over hamburger which has taco seasoning in it.

#10 Individualized servings of anything. As a single person , you are well familiar with the 4-6 servings mindset of the food industry. As some one who is both American ( and our concept of portion sized is seriously skewed) and has fought with her weight, I would amend this to Temptation foods. I am seriously addicted to potato chips . I am better with the small bags of chips at 3 for a dollar at the dollar store than the bag marked down to $2.00 which maynot see the dawn if I am stressed enough. Going along with this, because ice cream is another temptation/trigger/comfort food for me, the article suggests don't buy gourmet ice cream(#13) . My amendment here is think of portion control and do invest in the individual cups of ice cream made by Blue Bunny, Haagen Daz, Ben and Jerry's, Walmart Neighborhood markets have a house brand that is a faux sundae all for about a dollar each.
I tell people that I buy slices of cake when I go out for coffee with friends as opposed to baking a cake. Why? its a slice of cake not a whole cake. While candybars can sit in my house for months without being molested, chips and ice cream do not. Stay mindful of what you are eating. Its not a bargain if you binge frequently on temptation foods. We live in stressful times- and we all feel betrayed and beaten up. McDonald's used to say " You deserve a break today." Yes , yes I do, I deserve the government that represents me and my interest  above all foreign ones, not to gorge on a 1/2 gallon of Brownie batter ice cream and the largest bag of Salt and Vinegar kettle chips because they were on sale. There is always a morning after the gorge. Plan for it the day before it happens . You may still eat more than you planned, but openng 5 individual bags is more conscious than opening 1 large bag.

#15 Tomato based pasta sauce: As a single , I like the jarred sauce and sometimes add things that I like to them. Sometimes it comes down to time , sometimes its the budget. I cannot buy everything that is in their sauce for less than I can buy their sauce though mine is better. Besides , as I buy jarred sauces, I have only to use what I need. I do make sauces on Sundays when I am off but even then not more than I would use in 2-3 days. Why? because my freezer is the size of 4 shoe boxes . I don't own, don't have room , can't see the need of a freezer. The investment is greater than the savings. So all of those well meaning family friends don't get it when they urge larger sizes on you and say that you can freeze it. Again, look truthfully at your own situation.

Having debunked those alleged savings, let me offer some more practical ideas. If you are Kosher or Islamic , it will be harder as the first one has a heavy pork base.
H.G. Hills, Urban Market, Reese, Save-A-lot, Food Lion all offer the 5 meats for 19.99. I like the pizzas that Reese includes in their selection. There is alot of pork based products in these selections, but it does stretch . Their selections are varied - when going this route, try rotating where you go.

Dollar Tree @ Madison Square : I spoke earlier about individual temptation foods. In the back , they have a frozen food section . The individual slices of pie that are $2.35 and up at the other markets are a dollar here. French Fries and onion rings( they have the good kind with whole onion rings under the batter) are a sollar each for a standard sized bag(usually 2.50-4.00 elsewhere.) They also sell small bags of cooked shrimp, turkey bacon, salmon, cod , talapia and pkgs of 3 legs and thighs (chicken) .Best value, in my opinion are the standard large size of vegetable mixes (frozen unsauced) and the bags of frozen fruit. This is a place to practice portion control watch as sometimes , its the size as well as the price which is smaller. Both they and their sister store, Deals in Rivergate, sell bread/breadproducts for $1.00. Deals sells canned goods but not frozen foods.

Shop watchfully.

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