Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let's Talk Portion Control

There are many ways that we ,as consumers , are being duped. Raising the price is one- one company recently raised the cost of its potato chips by thirty cents. Another lowered the weight of the contents but kept the price the same . What looks like a bargain , maynot be a bargain .

Example: I recently bought coffee on special from CVS. It was a national brand and was 2 for $5.00. So mentally , you think , great 2 lbs for $5.00 pt. Look again , each can only contained 11 oz so instead of 32 oz or 2 lbs, I actually recieved 22 oz which is 1 lb 6 oz. Was it still worth it to me? Yes, because it came in dark roast and most of the coffees on sale are a medium or light roast. Its hard to find bags of coffee that are really a lb. You can go to Peets, Starbucks and Books-A -Million but you are going to pay a higher cost per oz than the prepackaged stuff. Instead of paying 2.2 cents aprox per oz., 5.6cents per oz.
(This information is supposed to be on the white tags with the bar codes on the front of the shelves in supermarkets. It is not always updated.) Becareful , though, as they are not always updated as regularly as we would wish.

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  1. Excellent observations! It is wonderful that you are educating the consumer!