Thursday, April 7, 2011

Starting at the beginning- The Day that nothing goes right.

You have recieved the news have to take yet another cut in salary to keep your job. People think that you are morally bankrupt because you now cannot meet your most basic of bills. You know that is not true, but you want to keep your job. You are smart enough to know that the unemployment figures are a lie. They are tweaked not by a massive rise in employment but by some poor sap falling off the benefits payroll.

What do you do? Chances are they told you at the end of the day so not to disrupt the office. You get mad, you cry , you scream , you get drunk until you almost puke. Been there- as a single person , male or female, these are terrifying times. Then you get realistic.
-What can you cut
-What do you have to keep
-Can you get a letter from your employer to document your new found poverty ? If so contact everyone , and I do mean EVERYONE that they will be recieving payments probably less than they want . Explain the situation and lay your plan of action before them. What are you going to do tomake the situation better , preferably sooner.DONT' WAIT on this and mean to keep your word on any promises.

-Keep a papertrail, and hold your breath. YOu have lived this long, and you are strong enough to solve this. If you are reading this, I would love to hear what you plan or are doing.

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